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Data Centre Migration

Data Centre Migration / Relocation is a complex, long running project with several phases. Checklists help to reduce the risk that important details are missed.

Data Centre

  • Defining requirements for new data centre
  • Selecting location
  • Building or selecting and renting a new data centre including all required infrastructure
  • Getting new data centre connected

Data Centre Infrastructure

  • UPS
  • HVAC
  • Racks, Cabling
  • SAN

Servers / Applications / Data

  • Complete Inventory that needs to be moved
  • Measures to prevent theft of
    • hardware
    • backup tapes, espcially with customer- or employee data: Just very recently (September 2013) one stolen backup tape leaked to a leading newspaper and brought a large consumer oriented company for several days into front-page headlines and main evening TV-news.
  • Plan the outage
  • Move servers and storage
  • Connect servers and storage
  • Resume operations
  • Post-Migration-Review
The following check lists don't cover the complete process, but they are very detailed on their specific topics within the complete data centre relocation process:
  • Use this template to create those lists you really need!
  • List all Servers and Applications and map what's running where.
  • No software to install - a simple spreadsheet which fits the purpose.
Start now - the longer you wait, the more cumbersome the collection later!

This template with in-depth explanations of tasks required to plan outages on medium to large IT Systems will avoid that important steps are forgotten.

Of course you should have that already.
If not, then writing the Operations Manual for the new Data Centre will reveal a lot of details which otherwise might be missed during data centre migration.