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Decision Template for
Selection of Disaster Recovery (DR) Technology

This documents are technology- and vendor neutral!

  • The 70 page base document helps you to define your individual requirements and explains the evaluation criteria.
  • The 30 page documentation template assists you in documentation of your requirements, assumptions and decisions!
Disaster Recovery (DR) covers the technical aspect of the broader term Business Continuity (BC).
Although the Standby Database is usually the most important component, a comprehensive Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution requires much more!
The Situation: Many vendors offer products with different features. The products can be classified into different technology groups.
The Challenge:
  • Define the DR-requirements for your application and your current situation.
  • Narrow down the options to one or two technology groups.
  • Select the detailed features and configuration options and products which support those
This vendor-independent and technology neutral template supports primarily the first two steps. The main purpose of this decision template is to lead you to the right technology group.
It is very important that your decision process is driven by requirements and not by available product features.
This is achived by providing a detailed list of requirements and potential constraints for your current situation, so that you will ask the right questions.
Within the selectd technology group specialized experts and vendors will assist you in the final decision process.
The requirements and constraints to be considered are not simple - there is much more than just Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)!
Check out the following Mindmap:Zoom picture for better resolution

Mindmap showing Selection Criteria for Disaster Recovery (DR) Technologies
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