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EAI Application Integration Checklist


Filling this vendor- and tool-independent checklist for each application integration ensures that no important requirement is forgotten.

Due to the checklist-style this template provides a very efficient and fast method of documenting what was required and what was intentionally excluded (and not just forgotten) thus providing detailed documentation auditors want to see.
Even if (nearly) no development is be done by your internal IS department as either existing software packages are purchased or bespoke development is outsourced, the challenge left over for your internal IS is the INTEGRATION of a new package or application to existing applications
Different operating systems, network protocols, application vendors and software technology make building interfaces to integrate applications a really great challenge. But sometimes just short before - or even worse - after going production - you stumble over a small, often non-technical issue, which would not have been any issue if considered from the very first beginning.
Someone just forgot to ask that question.
Part 1, the base document is dedicated to help avoiding such mantraps by asking the right questions. Using this checklist for each single interface will ensure that no question is forgotten.
Part 2, the documentation template helps you to establish very fast a detailed documentation of the interface with all information required by application support team for their daily work, e.g. troubleshooting and outage planning.
There are many excellent products and frameworks for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) available on the market, which support efficient and reliable implementation of interfaces, but before using toolkits you must ask the right questions.