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Server Cloning and Application Environment Cloning - Checklist and Template


Three very comprehensive, generic checklist-template T1, T2 and T3 assists you in creating a customized, application specific checklist C3 and C4 to clone a specific application environment.
Environment Cloning Process
Immediately after your credit card payment was automated processed you can download following file:

FilenameFile size Description
env_cl_<invoiceid>.zip1325 KB Compressed Zip-file containing all of the following files:
Within this zip-file you will find:
ID Filename Pages Description
I1 I1.pdf
7 "I1" - Master- and background document provides background explanations and contains the instructions how to use the following templates.

T1 T1.pdf
13 Template "T1" to create the Request Form for a new Environment or Server Clone. Main input is required from the requester - typically a business department or testing team, who might need some technical assistance. With the details filled in by the requester, the outcome is the detailed request documentation.

T2 T2.pdf
18 Template "T2" - Technical Analysis and Specifications for the Cloned Environment and for the Cloning Steps. It guides (with explanations) through all topics to be considered to determine the best steps for cloning and post-cloning steps. Filling in this template, the outcome is R2 - Requirements and Specifications for the Cloned Environment and Cloning Steps, customized for <your environment name>. This document "R2" is then the input for the next step.

T3 T3.pdf
11 Template "T3": Sample Checklist with Cloning- and Post-Cloning Steps
Using this Template and the Document "R2" derived from Template "T2" you will be very fast in creating the Checklists "C3" and (C4).
Filling in your final, customized checklists everytime you create or refresh the clone creates the required records for trackability without consuming much time.
If those templates do not match exactly your companies development method, you will still benefit from the master document; You just need to re-group the content according your companies methods and processes.