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How to Order

Background Information

Due to new regulations the VAT (Value Added Tax) and GST (Goods and Services Tax) must be paid in the country of delivery.
We do not have a VAT-Registration in your country, and therefore your company needs to declare and pay the VAT yourself.
For that reason we cannot sell to

Details about our Order- and Delivery Process

The order- and delivery process has 5 steps:

1. Contact us by email

Please contact us by email provide following information: Please send the email from your company email account.

2. Wait for our response

We will send you a commercial offer.

3. You accept or reject of offer

If you accept our offer, then please send us an formal order.

4. We will send you the documents and the invoice

The invoice will also include our IBAN for payment by international bank transfer.

5. Pay the invoice by international bank transfer.