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Standby Database

A Standby Database is the most vital component for Disaster Recovery (DR).

This checklist saves you much headache and time by helping you to ask the right questions
  • to select the technology most suitable for your individual situation
  • to select the best configuration options for your individual situation
You already decided to deploy a standby database? - Congratulation - A very good decision to protect your valuable data!
You are in the decision process ? - If you cannot document a justification why you did not protect your data using standby database technology, then do it - otherwise you get blamed - or even sued!
Of course you are aware of the additional costs, but they are justified by the higher protection level for your valuable data.
But are you aware that the Standby-Database, running in a remote datacenter on separated servers still can cause negative impact on your primary production database ?
Not only a slowdown,
but even an unplanned outage ?
Don't get scared .... you can get it right!
But your challenge is to select the technology and configuration options which are most suitable for your individual situation!
You will be surprised how many factors influence the selection of the optimal standby database - have a look on this mind map.
Our 72 pages document explains all those decision factors in detail, and an additional template supports the documentation of your requirements and decisions for every project.