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About us

This eBook Shop for iT-Professionals is operated by
Logo Mercury Consulting Ltd.
The knowledge and experience in our products is the extract from international consulting projects at major financial institutions and mobile telecom operators.
Mercury Consulting Limited (MCL) is a professional consultancy providing experience, support and training in IS/IT operations for companies during high-time-pressure startup phase and following consolidation phase, especially in the Telecom-market.
MCL consultants are aware about the huge time-to-market / go-live pressure. Each day counts, each day delay costs thousands of customers lost to the existing competitors. Using the MCL Fast Track Products they manage to deliver as fast as required without implementing the problems for the next years.
MCL Products sold here on focus on small companies, companies during and immediately after a fast startup and companies with a Capability Maturity Model1 (CMM)-Level 1 and 2. For those companies the benefit is huge, as such templates and checklists usually do not exist there at all, resulting in a huge step forward towards quality and reliability in software development and IS/IT operations. Organizations with a CMM-Level 3 and higher still will achieve reasonable benefit as those still will find a few topics, items, requirements which are still missing in their existing documents.