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Application Health Check - Stability Assessment


  • Proactive checking for stability issues is important to avoid unplanned outages.
  • Documenting those checks provides important evidence that you are operating according best practice.
  • Arrow right Arrow rightBecause Auditors ask for documented evidence!
Unplanned Outages or Performance Breakdowns are mostly caused by operational shortcomings preventing your application from working properly.

A clustered solution with redundant hardware and automatic failover, or even an active/active cluster just compensates for hardware failures.

This checklist supports the execution of an Self Assessment regarding Application or System Stability to ensure that the assessed application will continue to work as required (avoiding unplanned outages) or at least, to resume operations as fast as possible.

This template covers many areas with a high number of different checks to detect potential issues which could impact the application stability, reliability and performance before those result in user visible problems and SLA violations.

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