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2022-May-02 New page: When did you last time check for inactive backkups?
2016-April-15 Birthday! - Today, 11 years ago, our Webshop went online.
2015-December-22 New: Additional non-functional requirements to minimize service interruption: Diagnosability Requirements
2015-April-15 A big Birthday! - Today, 10 years ago, our Webshop went online.
2015-March-30 New page: 10 Examples for Non-Functional Requirements
2014-April-25 New document: Maintaining and Running DR-Protected Systems
2014-April-15 9. Anniversary of our eShop.
2014-March-19 Added: DevOps and Operability Requirements
2014-March-17 Added: Our new Methodology: Runbook Driven Development (RBBD)
2014-January-27 Added: Reducing Backup Risks: Understanding and Avoiding potential Risk with Two-Step Database Backup
2013-April-15 8th Anniversary - Today our e-Shop is since 8 years online.
2010-April-12 New Product: Checklist for Server- and Application / Environment Cloning
2008-July-20 Update of our Application Management FAQ
2008-May-05 Release of our Operations Manual Template for Data Centres
2008-April-18 Release of our Template for Server and Application Inventory.
2008-February-15 Release of our Checklist for Application Retirement.
2007-November-09 Release of our Checklist for Application Upgrade.

Release of our Template for Planning IT Outages. Benefit from this step-by-step guideline, written by an experienced outage planner and avoid the typical pitfalls!
2007-May-30 Release of our Checklist for IT Server Upgrade.

Release of Version 2.0 of our
Template for Non-Functional Requirements. More than 120 Requirements have been added, resulting in more than 270 Non-Functional Requirements.


Our successful "Template for an IT Operations Manual" has been translated to German:
Vorlage für ein EDV / IT Betriebshandbuch


New Product: Requirements and Decision Template for Selection of Disaster Recovery (DR) Technology


New Product: Backup SLA - Operations Level Agreement (OLA) with the Backup Team


Complete redesign of the website, much better navigation

2006-Jan-02Money-Back Guarantee introduced

2005-Sept-10 Immediate Delivery Immediate Delivery - Immediately after your Credit Card Payment was processed you can download our products.

2005-August-15New Product: Template: Business Requirements for Backup / Recovery and Archiving, Restoring and Purging

2005-April-29 Since today we accept credit card payments! We are proud that we have been accepted by WorldPay, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Group. This acceptance proves our correct business activities since foundation in September 2002.

2005-April-15Launch of our Web-eShop Our new eShop makes our successful publications now worldwide available!