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Checklist for Production Release / Software Deployment / Going Live


This simple checklist with 101 items targets small and new companies with IT-department on a low maturity level and should bridge the time until change management and release management are fully implemented according best practice.
Reading this checklist at the very beginning of the project will reveal a lot of steps which otherwise might be forgotten in the time- and budget estimation!
Use this checklist if..
  • You are a new company (Startup)
  • You have no checklist at all. Using this checklist is by far better than doing nothing!
Don't use this checklist if..
You are a mature IT-department with processes according good practise or even best practise established and really executed.
(But you could use this 101 checks to validate your much more comprehensive checklists. If you find only one new item, the price pays off!)
Use instead..
Our specialized templates and checklists listed on our overview page about
Topics covered and not covered..
Topics covered Topics not covered
Non-functional topics Functional topics
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Question In our IS/IT department there are discussions to introduce ITIL ® or BS15000. Does it make sense still to purchase this simple release checklist?
Answer The decision can take long time, and until it's fully implemented you would have nothing. Therefore you should start immediately using this simple checklist. If your change management and release process is covering those simple list you are already on the right track.