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Business Requirements for Archiving and Purging

In Scope

Business Requirements addressing

Business Continuity Online Data
Archiving Compliance to legal or other regulatory requirements

Other requirements to access historic data
Historic Data There exist privacy protection laws limiting the maximal allowed retention period!
Just doing nothing because disks are cheap and there is plenty of space on filesystems will violate compliance!

Steps for Business Department
  1. Classification of data (should already exist).
  2. Legal and other regulatory requirements
  3. Impact Analysis regarding "loss of data"
  4. Cost / Benefit Analysis to define appropriate backup level
  5. Definition of required retention periods for each data type

Out of Scope

Technical requirements and technical specifications to be provided by IS/IT, e.g. Steps for IS / IT Department
  1. Grouping of database tables and other data files according data types
  2. In case of software purchase: formulating the requirements for backup/recovery and archiving for the RFP
  3. Identification of appropriate backup strategy and archiving strategy
  4. Costing for those measures (initial costs and ongoing costs included repeated restore and recovery testing)