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The author of this template bears following credentials:
12 Years DBA experience
Certified DBA for leading database system
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Database OLA - Operations Level Agreement for Big and Large Databases

Table of Contents

Template Summary 3
Table of Contents 5
History 6
  Review History 6
General 7
  Definition of Terms SLA, OLA, SLR, OLR, SLM 7
  Establishing the OLA - General Condition 8
  Mandatory Pre-Requisites 8
Support 9
  Support Hours 9
  Activities 10
  Response time to error situations and other requests 11
Availability 12
  Background 12
  Definition 12
  Requirements 13
  Exclusion - unavailability not in scope of DBA responsibility 15
Protection against loss of data 19
  Backup Reliability 19
  Backup Window 19
  Special Backup Features provided 20
Additional protection 20
    Hardware 20
    Logfile-Shipping and Similar 20
    Special configuration settings 21
    Additional Checks 21
  Recoverability (Time to Recover) 22
  Restore and Recovery Tests 23
  Additional, Non-Standard Services of System DBA Team 24
Planned Outages and Maintenance Window 25
Service Level Reporting 25
Costing Background 25
Appendix A: External Literature 26
Appendix B: Related Internal Documents 26
Appendix C: Template for a Operations Level Report 27
Appendix D: Glossary of Terms 34