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Template IT Operations Manual


Project Managers

After browsing through this template project managers will better estimate the effort required to create this important document and plan sufficient time and resources.

Development Managers

This template supports the efficient creation of an Operations Manual which is an important part of the delivery.

Technical Writers

This template helps technical writers to save time and ensure that nothing important is forgotten.

Operations Managers

The operations manager should customize this template according to the requirements of his team and afterwards communicate those customized document to the Development Manager.

QA Managers and Auditors

This template allows QA Managers and Auditors to check the Operations Manual for completeness.

If you think that you don't need this template,

because ...... you have already Operations Handbooks for your Systems ?

  • Use this comprehensive template to cross-check if your current Operations Handbooks are complete !

  • because ... you store all information in an comprehensive Configuration Management Database (CMDB) ?

  • Use this comprehensive template to cross-check if your CMDB covers all types of information!

    because... you outsourced development and you expect the operations and system handbook as part of the delivery

  • Use this template in the contract specifications to clearly express what you expect thus to avoid “misunderstanding” between vendor and you about the content of the operations handbook. Using this template for this purpose is much cheaper than solving a single dispute with the vendor.'s much work to write the handbook and your systems are running without it

  • Yes, it is true that it is really much work to write it. But this is not a valid excuse not to create it!

    because ...... the system runs even without Operations Manual. One member of your staff has that in his head.

    • But the second person (who shares on-call duty with the main person) might know the most important details how to re-start after a crash but might not be aware of all e.g. monthly tasks. And latest at the first hand-over to a new main responsible person, the new person will have to write down everything the former person tells. If the person just knowing it leaves unexpected then all the information must be re-engineered - definitely much more work than the initial documentation. Huge money was spent in the area of “Knowledge Management” - not writing a Systems and Operations Handbook means not even documenting required knowledge, making “Knowledge Management” impossible.

      A comprehensive System- and Operations Handbook is an important part of the Operations / Production Managers “Job Insurance”. Without such a documentation he can in case of an audit not proof that all tasks are assigned and checked for execution.