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How to Order

Details about our Order- and Delivery Process

The order- and delivery process has 6 steps, in step 6 you download the product.

1. Add the product(s) to the shopping basket

Order - Step 1

2. Review your Order and Click "Order Now" to continue to the checkout page.

Order - Step 2

3. Fill in Order Form - those data are used by us for processing the order, and select the payment method (Credit Card, Bank Tranfer, Cheque)

Order - Step 3

4. Select your preferred Currency (CHF, EUR, USD) and your Credit Card Type

If you did select "Credit Card" Payment, then you are re-directed to an SSL-encrypted session to WorldPay, the payment processor. Order - Step 4

This company belongs to the "Royal Bank of Scotland Group", one of Europe's largest banks.
Important note when using "Visa Purchasing" Card: You must select Currency "Euro":
Click here for detailed instructions for "Visa Purchasing" Cards
Important note when using "Visa Government" Card: Click here for details

5. Fill in your Credit Card Details

Again you have to fill in your name, address and the credit card number - but we NEVER see that - you transfer that SSL-encrypted direct to WorldPay. We just get from WoldPay an confirmation that your Payment was accepted or declined. Order - Step 5

After RBS WorldPay processed your payment, you will see following confirmation page:

(5c) - The "RBS WorldPay Transaction ID" is the reference number for your payment. Order Confirmation Page

6. Download the Product(s)

You will receive 2 (two) emails:
  • One email from WorldPay that your order was processed and
  • one email from us containing the link to immediately download the product.
  • If you receive our email already before the email from WorldPay, then the download link will be active only AFTER you received the payment confirmation from Worldpay.
  • If one email is missing, than look into your SPAM-folder! - Seldom, but sometimes those SPAM-filters misdirect our emails
  • .
Clicking on the download-link of our email you can download the product! Immediate Delivery
7. If you are not satisfied with our product, than notfiy us using our response-form and confirm that you deleted all copies. We will refund your payment within 14 working days.