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Interface-Checklist for Application Integration


Immediately after your credit card payment was automated processed you can download following file:

FilenameSize Description
eai_cl<invoiceid>.zip966 KB compressed Zip-file containing all of the following files
Within this zip-file you will find:
Filename File Size Description
eai_cl_part1.pdf 347 KB Part 1: Requirements Checklist - Base Document (36 pages)
eai_cl_part1.rtf 387 KB Editable RTF-format, can be imported into any word processor. Read more about RTF-Format in our FAQ
eai_cl_part2.pdf 180 KB Part 2 - Documentation Template for interface documentation. Create for each of your interfaces a detailed documentation using this template. (8 pages)
eai_cl_part2.rtf 87 KB Editable RTF-format, can be imported into any word processor.