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Database Health Check - Stability Assessment


IS- and IT Directors, Operations Managers: As they are responsible (and to some extent even liable) for professional operations of business critical systems they appreciate reasonable assessments to identify possible issues or document the good system status. Although they usually don't have the detailed Oracle experience and by far not the time to execute such assessments, they can clearly understand "what" should be checked.
Database Administrators: Often a DBA is asked to take over a database from a colleague, other department or vendor. This report helps the DBA to quickly and easy check and document the database status and request corrections or other changes before he takes over responsibility. This report allows also the DBA to check databases in his responsibility so that he can take corrective actions where required before an auditor will request those.
Company internal Auditing Department, Revenue Assurance Department, QA-Department: Use this questions when reviewing systems. Check if all questions are answered and if the assessment report contains potential issues.