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Template Systems Operations Manual Template Data Centre Operations Manual Data Migration Checklist Nonfunctional Requirements Interface (EAI) Checklist Server Upgrade / Migration Checklist Application Upgrade / Migration Checklist Application & Server Inventory Template Release Checklist Outage Planning Application Cloning Application Retirement Application Health check Archiving Requirements Disaster Recovery (DR) Technology Selection Backup OLA / SLA Database OLA / SLA DBA Job Description Database Health Check
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DBA Job Description


Immediately after your credit card payment was automated processed you can download following file:

FilenameFilesize Description
dba_cl<invoice-nr.>.zip648 KB compressed ip-file containing all of the following files
Within this zip-file you will find:
Filename Pages Description
dba_cl_part1_basedocument.pdf 27 Base document in Acrobat-Format, Acrobat Reader required.
dba_cl_part2a_template_dba_task_list.pdf 8 Template DBA-tasks in Acrobat Format.
dba_cl_part2a_template_dba_task_list.rtf 8 Same content as .PDF-file, but this file is in "Rich Text Format" (RTF) which can be imported into (nearly all) text processing programs. This enables you to customize and fill in the documents. Read more about RTF-Format in our FAQ
dba_cl_part2b_template_app_support_task_list.pdf 15 Template Tasks for Application Support in Acrobat Format.
dba_cl_part2b_template_app_support_task_list.rtf 15 Template Tasks for Application Support in RTF-Format.