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IT Application Upgrade Checklist /
IT Application Migration Checklist


This checklist targets medium to complex upgrades of server based applications with at least 50 person days effort.
Smaller projects still can benefit from this checklist, just the majority of items might be not relevant.


The CIO can use this Checklist in a twofold way:
  1. He recommends the usage to the project manager.
  2. In case that the the outcome (report) of the initiation phase does not address all topics, he can ask the questions of this checklist before approving the next project phase.
In both cases he will feel more comfortable that the upgrade project will not become a nightmare.

Program Office

This checklist helps the Program Office to understand that
  • a full-time project manager will be required,
  • the detailed impact analysis will require significant effort and input from many sources and
  • the results of the impact analysis might significant increase the first estimations.

Project Manager

  • The 19 topics in the chapter "Initiation Why and When" help him to define the business case.
  • The detailed Questions in the 10+ pages chapter "Feasibility Study / Detailed Impact Analysis" help to minimize the risk that topics are forgotten.
  • The drop-down lists minimize his time to compile a very detailed analysis document.
Dependent on the Project Manager's knowledge about the application to be upgraded he might walk through this document together with members from Application Support who are supporting this application.

Operations Manager, Change Manager, QA Manager, Revenue Assurance

Using this checklist to check the upgrade plan will provide a certain level of confidence that most important issues have been addressed.
In case that the upgrade plan does not contain certain topics, they can ask for reconfirmation that those topics are not applicable.

Application Support Staff

Members of Application Support working with that application to be upgraded should review this checklist if there is anything application specific which is not covered by that checklist.

License Manager / Procurement

Both will quickly realize than much more than just the licenses of the Application to be upgraded might be affected.