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Application & Server Inventory Template


IT Organizations on maturity levels 1 and 2.
In Companies at level 3 and higher, those lists or even a CMDB will exist.


The CIO is the "Requester" and the "Consumer" of this list. He does need a complete list of all applications and servers. Only this will allow him to check if all applications and servers are managed at least according good practice - or to detect deficiencies and react.
He will not create or maintain this list. His challenge is to find a person who will create and maintain this list covering all applications, tools and servers involved in the companies information technology - not just those located in the data centre.

Enterprise Architecture Team

This lists are best created and maintained by the Enterprise Architecture Team. But in companies on maturity level 1 and 2 this team often does not exist.

Data Centre Managers

They are used to have a complete and well maintained list of all servers located in the data centre. This template is very helpful for those establishing IT at a new company - or taking over a data centre without good documentation.